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Yoga for Life – Boise, Idaho

Come enjoy an invigorating yoga class offered by certified yoga instructors.

While our classes can offer a great physical workout, we will emphasize the importance of breathe and mindfulness. Our knowledgeable & compassionate instructors strive to provide superior quality. We want you to leave your class with a clear mind, an open heart and feeling pure in spirit. We wish to inspire our community to share Yoga for Life with family and friends. All are welcome to participate, explore and experience the benefits of yoga.

Class Fees: All purchases expire 6 months from purchase date, except the auto-renew package. Also, see our specials tab!
Standard Rate: $12 = Drop-in $8 = Community Class
Bundle: $55 = 5 Pack $100 = 10 Pack
Unlimited: $60 = 1 Month Auto                     Renewal* $80 = Community 10 Pack

*Monthly Auto Renewal cancelation require a 30 day notice

Contact the studio about private lessons.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to bend and move.  If you don’t have a mat(s) and props (block, strap, Mexican blanket or towel), you are welcome to use ours!

Registration for class may occur any time up to the start of the class. Yogis should arrive 10 minutes prior to check-in and prepare for yoga, new students please arrive 15 minutes early. To avoid being charged, please cancel three (3) hours before the start of class. If you sign up for a class one (1) hour before you will be charged regardless of participation.

Classes with less than 3 people pre-registered for a class may be subject to cancellation.

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