Class Descriptions

Breathe to Move

Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit through movement & breath, a gentle flow with emphasis on pranayama.  The breath is a powerful tool for training mindfulness, engaging the muscles & both gathering & releasing energy. All classes begin and end with attention to this detail, just as all movement depends on it. Breathe to Move is gentle to protect the joints, slow to strengthen muscle groups, deep to encourage blood flow for healing, and breath-led to facilitate a mindful practice.

Flex and Stretch

These classes help prevent the effects of ageing on our bodies and will gently increase fitness, coordination, muscle tone and flexibility. The combination of flexing and stretching muscles relieves tension, contributes to body awareness and overall good health. Working at your own fitness level, we will use active and passive stretching. Focusing on the breath release tension throughout the body as we stretch

Heart of Yoga

Yoga unifies the body, breath and mind and the benefits extend to the heart. This class will meet each person’s concerns and interests using asanas (poses and counter-poses) linked to the rhythm of the breath (pranayama). The goal for this class is to deepen our self awareness and to bring harmony and order in our bodies and minds. If anyone can breathe they can practice yoga. May attending this class inspire each practitioner  to work toward their personal practice; helping to give them inner awareness and clarity to their life.

Midday Motivation & Power

Join us for an invigorating practice to help strengthen your mind and body. This power hour will be full of energizing poses that will be sure to heat you up and have those muscles working. Class will end with a relaxing savasana to leave you feeling more grounded as you head out to finish your day.

Mixed Level Flow

This class is intended to be non-intimidating and gentle, designed for all abilities and fitness levels.  Dynamically flowing from one posture into another, creating an energizing sequence. This style helps build and maintain strong bones, muscles and connective tissue. Yoga is not a competition, we all look different in our poses due to the way our bodies are built and our varying levels of flexibility. This work will burn more calories, improve body/mind awareness, enhance movement pathways in the body to enhance agility, mobility and “grace in motion”

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a great way for older adults to get the wonderful health benefits of yoga and is also good for people who sit in the office. So, while you are stuck to that chair of yours, you can do variations of stretches, bends, twists and more. The yoga practice involves doing modified yoga poses while sitting on a chair, some poses can also be done standing using a chair for support. Chair yoga builds and helps maintain your flexibility, improves circulation, concentration and strength, while reducing stress and joint strain.

Yoga Barre

Yoga Barre is a great complement to your Yoga practice and 55 minutes of serious FUN! Engaging, low impact total body workout that will lift your seat, tighten your thighs and sculpt your shoulders and calves in record time. This Lotte-Berk inspired class is a unique fusion of Yoga, Ballet, Pilates and muscle sculpting. Barre is a safe efficient and effective workout and will improve stability through a stronger core. Never boring, always fun! There is always be a savasana to end each class.


PiYo is a combination of yoga flow sequences and Pilates core work to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility. Class will end with a soothing savasana leaving you feeling centered and ready to wrap up the day.

Yoga on the Mountain

We’ve partnered with Bogus Basin to bring FREE Yoga to the Mountain. Let’s slow down and notice the nature around us. Tree pose challenges balance, improves focus, and builds strength…Enjoy the breeze through the branches at 6,000 feet!. So grab your mat and let’s flow together! Head to Bogus Basin for yoga on the JR Simplot Lawn Saturday & Sunday Mornings + Thursday evenings.


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